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How to Setup Your Platform for Online Courses


More and more institutions are now considering online courses. It is because it is less costly expense-wise, and they can also target students from any corner of the world. Offering lessons on online platforms is entirely different from traditional classes. For online courses, you need a perfect platform to create trust, credibility and magnetize students simultaneously. Below are the steps to consider to set up your platform.



The Ultimate Guide to Setup Your Website for Online Classes


Choose the Appropriate Domain Name and Server

You have to be wise when choosing your domain name. Select one which is short, attractive, and also offers your audience a preview of what to expect on your website. It is advisable to make a shortlist and select the best one. On the other hand, you have to opt for the most suitable hosting server. Compare the packages that different service providers are offering and go with the one giving the best services. Do pay attention to the bandwidth and storage space.

Do Not Make Your Website Bulky

A completely filled whiteboard is challenging to understand. Similarly, if you make your website bulky with notes and videos, the audience will find it difficult to understand. Make your website as user-friendly as possible. However, do not overdo your website design because you are not a creative agency. Make good use of whitespace.

Content, Notes, and Videos

Since your lectures are an essential aspect of your platform, you must pay much attention when preparing them. It is vital to write quality content to impress the audience. Additionally, do publish quality videos for the lectures. Showcase your creativity by using animations. It is mandatory to add a clear voice to the videos. Avoid any noise or disturbance in the background. 

Payment Options

It is vital that you offer different payment options because everybody does not use the same payment system.