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Will you be part of Pushkin Prize-winners' Week next April?

Somewhere out there, in an S1 or S2 class in a school in Scotland, there are ten writers worthy of the title Pushkin Prize-winner. Are you one of them?

Every secondary school in Scotland has been sent a copy of the leaflet outlining the details of The Pushkin Prizes 2016.

If by any chance your Principal Teacher of English has mislaid it, email the Director, and she'll send you one. 

What can you write about? ANYTHING! We're looking for stories, poems, plays, articles, memoirs - anything you like on a subject of your choice. The world is your oyster.

Why not look at the winning entries from previous years? You'll find a wonderful variety of writing of all kinds.

You'll find all the rules and guidelines here on this website, along with the entry form.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Pushkin Prizes in St Petersburg

Schools in St Petersburg can contact our Director, Natalya Ushmanova, if they have pupils interested in entering The Pushkin Prizes. She is already in touch with many of the city's schools.

Russian entrants submit one piece of writing in Russian and English. Their entries are shortlisted by our Russian judges, Tatiana Cheriskova, Yasnov Davidovich and Alexey Shervchenko and the winners selected by the Scottish judges.

If you are having trouble contacting the Director in St Petersburg, please contact Lindsey Fraser via the contacts page and she will forward all requests for information to Natalya.

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